About Us

Whisky Six is one of South Florida's favorite local country bands! Their modern music selections are engaging and fun. While they play mostly modern country don't be surprised to hear some Cash, Strait, Yokham or other classics thrown in. You don't have to be a redneck or hillbilly to appreciate these guys....but it helps! Fun-loving, polite and social are just a few words used to describe these guys. Be sure to catch one of their shows or contact them for your next private event!



Nick Harris - Born and raised here in south Florida, Nick is the true "South Floridian". You'll find Nick to be the perfect mix of Aldean and Bentley. Nick has been singing his entire life, and Whisky Six is proud of have him leading the band. 





Woody Spencer -  Born and raised in south Florida,   He got his first guitar while visiting Music City at the age of 11 and has been playing ever since! Woody has played various genres but has now come back to what started it all in Nashville, good 'ol country music.   


Ron Cooper - Ron is the quiet type until you get to know him but he's no stranger to a bass guitar. Ron has been playing his whole life and has been involved with all sorts of genres from blues to beach. You'll hear his silky smooth tones resonate through providing a solid floor to Whisky Six's rhythm section. 


Mike Betters - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals for Whisky Six Mike has been making and writing music most of his life and became a traveling troubadour after a stint in the suit and tie world of computer software.  He has played his music at many venues and festivals throughout the Midwest, up and down the Mississippi River, and in most of the Ski towns of Colorado.  Mike first came to Florida in the late 80's and played in the Keys as well as many of the local clubs in Southern Florida. After moving around Mike returned to Florida in 2004 where he hung up his travelling shoes and settled into the SoFla lifestyle. He enjoys all types of music and continues to write and produce his own. You will often hear Mike providing harmonies as well as taking the lead on some of the classic country tunes in Whisky Six's arsenal. 


Gary Golob - Drums.  Originally from the country music capital  "Nashville, Tennessee", Gary moved to South Florida 15 years ago. After spending years in a 80's rock band he found his way back to his roots and his first love of country music with Whisky Six. His influences include parts of Jim Riley and Rich Redmond; two staples in drumming for today's country music. With Ron on the bass and Gary on the drums they cut a groove where country falls right in.  

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